make motion matter mixtapes

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #24 - August 2008

Download here.
Telapathe - Islands
Sylvester - I need somebody to love tonight
Liquid Liquid - Cavern (The Cut Chemist rocks a rave in a missle silo remix)
Ron Hardy - Peaches & prunes
Connie Case - Get down
Samiyan - Cheesacake backslap
Bass clef - Cannot be straightened
Antihifi - United States of cocaine
TRG - Everything we stand for
Roska - Feeline
Fool - Real thing (Various Productions remix)
Samiyan - Moon boots
Pulsalama - Oui oui
Nomo - Brainwave
Section 25 - Reflection

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #23 - June 2008

Download here.
Fripp & Eno - An index of metals (excerpt)
High Places - Vision's the first
Health - lost time (Pictureplane remix)
Strategy - Pacific agenda
Matthew Dear - Dog Days (Extended mix)
Ikonica - Simulacrum
Zomby - One Spliff a day...
Inasin - War hawk
Dj Sega - Woo hah!
Dukeyman - Hoody hood rat
Dukeyman ft. Theo - Shorty you fat
Tetine - Melo do Carrao
Lenny Sesar - Morris Park (Bonde Do Role remix)
Mark B ft. Tommy Evans - Move now
Trances y cantos de los Nativos Americanos

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #22 - May 2008

Download here.
Jim Steinman - Love and death and an American guitar
PIL - Home is where the heart is
Ramadanman - Carly
Pinch - Dr. Carlson
KansasCity Prophets - Puncture
Konk - Alien Jam
Pigbag - Wiggle
Allez Allez - She's stirring up (an Optimo (espacio) drum attack mix)
Au Pairs - Armagh
Abe Vigoda - World heart
Phantom Slasher - Nicoteen
Glass Candy - Miss Broadway
Golden Bug - Rocket City

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #21 - April 2008

Download here.
Andy Pyne - Millenium Bridge
Wild Rumpus - Purple somersault (Prins Thomas drum dub) vs Marina
Green Velvet - Cuz of u (Praise mix)
Bis - Shack up
syclops - Mom, the video broke
White label
Kromestar - 007 (remix)
Rusko - 2 N A Q
Darkstar - Need you
Excepter - Greenhouse/Stretch
New Bloods - Eyes
Scritti Politti - Hegemony
MIA - Paper plane (DFA mix)
Bobbie Gentry - Reunion
Adriano Italiano - Blue eyed Boz

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #20 - March 2008

Download here.
Moodring - dsrla
Scuba - Hard boiled
Shackleton - Death is not final
Puffinboy - Off//set
Santogold - Creator
Rusko - Gone 2 far
Noiz - Vehemence
Distance - V
Foot Village - Protective nourishment (Aa remix)
DJ Amazing Clay - Montagem pela ultima vez
House to House - I need your love
The juan McLean - Happy house
Mick Collins - Keeping you satified

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #19 - February 2008

Download here.
Weevie Stonder - When I nod my head, you hit it
Emperor machine - Gang bang
Syclops - Where's Jason's K?
Blake Baxter - I wish you love
Cabaret Voltaire - Kino
Pink Militaary - Living in a jungle
23 Skidoo - Jalan Jalan
Health - Glitter pill
Afer Dark Itchy Robot - Raw
Matao - Hulwatt
Clouds - Mighty eyeball ray
Crossover - Overexposure
Numbers - At the mall
Coco - we gotta right
Basement 5 - Traffic dub

Make Motion Matter mixtape #18 - January 2008

Download here.
Alemu Aga - Abatatchen Hoy (Pater Noster)
Black Dice - Kokomo
Pink Military - War games
Les Edit du Golem - Reaching to the sky
They came from the stars I saw them - Signals (Emperor machine vocal remix)
Ricardo Villalobos - Andruic
Mongo Santamaria - Timbales y bongo
Bassclef vs Megablast
Darkstar - Lilyliver
Gaiola Das Popozudas - Um Otario Pra Bancar
Os Cacadores - Besteirinha
Frank Chickens - We are ninja (extended version)
Pete Shelley - Homosapien (Elongated dancepartydubmix)

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #17 - November 2007

Download here.
Taboehgan - Gamelan Semar Pegulingan
Kode 9 - Stung
Coki - Spongebob
African Head Charge - Off the beaten track
Badawi - Yashar
High Places - New grace
Cerrone vs Louis Vega - Love ritual
The Erotic Drum Band - Jerky Rhythm
Konono no1 - Live at Couleur Cafe
Arthur Russell - In the light of a miracle
Gucci SoundSystem - Acarpenter
Harmonia - Ueber Ottenstein
Zombie Zombie - Driving this road until death sets you free (Joakim remix)
Shackleton - Blood on my hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now mix pt2)

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #16 - October 2007

Download here.
Aa - untitled from 'GAame' LP
Raccoo-oo-oon - Mirror blanket
High Places - Shared islands
Unidentified Korean
Lucky Dragons - Very
Clyde feat Capitol A - Serve it up (Broks Hip House mix)
Jungle Brothers - I'll House you
Spank Rock - Bump (Switch Remix)
Switch User - City Light
Now - Relive the Food
Farah - Law of Life

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #15 - September 2007

Download here.
Company Flow - End to end burners
True Mathematics - K.A.O.S.S. (Greeks in effect pt.2)
Muallem (feat. Beans) - New Thunder (Emperor Machine remix)
Pete Shelley - Witness the change (instrumental)
Karl Schultze - Tango Saty
Strategy - Can't roll back (Extended club mix)
Matthew Dear - Neighborhoods
Golden Bug - Horses
Seiji (feat. MC Dolores) - Todo Mundo
Hollertronix- You used to hold me
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Riot in Lagos
Bass Clef - One hundred point three
Spring Tides - Happy sighs
The Bongos - Certain habours

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #14 - August 2007

Download here.
Drewey Redman - Tarik
Shocking Pinks - Smokescreen (The Glimmers beyond the smoke edit)
A Certain Ratio - Winter Hill
Shackleton - Hamas Rule
ESG - Bam bam jam
Atmosfear - Dancing in outer space
Indeep - Last night a Dj saved my life
The Flirts - All you ever think about is...
Roxy Music - Editions of you (Phones mix)
Whodini - Grandmaster Dee's haunted scratch
Kurtis Blow - one Two Five
Whistla - Arthur's dub
Mala - Learn
Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's dead

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #13 - July 2007

Download here.
Z'ev - wipeout (with intro by Genesis P'orridge)
ESG - My Street
Dadda - Dance time
Spragga Benz - Youth dem need it
Singers and Players - Holy Scripture
M Beat with General Levy - Incredible
Shy FX - This Style
Zinc - People 4
Emalkay - Monsters
Voltaire - Clek Clek Boom
DJ Edgar - Samuel Mix
Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid - Brain
Black Dice - Drool
Rework - Jogging beat
Matthew Dear - Elementary lover
Kid Creole and the Coconuts - Table Manners
23 Skidoo - Hawaii 5-o

Make Motion Matter mixtape #12 - June 2007

Download here.
Javanese Court Gamelan - Puspawarna (excerpt)
Russ McDonald - Looking from the cooking pot
Shackleton - Tin foil sky
Fridge - Furniture boy
Black Dice - Roll up
Golden Bug - Barbie's back
Bonde do Role - Geremia
The Raincoats - Animal Rhapsody
Kelley Polar - Rosenband
MC Thiaguinho vs Sal Soul - The Good the bad and the ugly
J Walter Negro and the Loose Jointz - Shoot the pump
LCD Sound System - Starry eyes
Mantronix - Who is it?
No-fi Soul Rebellion - Ch*rch
Javanese Court Gamelan - Puspawarna (excerpt)

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #11 - May 2007

Download here.
Position Normal - Nostrils and eyes
Matthew Dear - You know what I would do
White Light Circus - Interrupted time
Kalabrese - Not the same shoes
Puffinboy - Coldest insides
Chico Mann - Soul freedom
John Cooper Clarke - Daily Express
Fridge - Ark
Komonazmuk vs White Boi - Bless
Tes La Rok - Gunshot
Juju - Punks
The Clash - Radio Five
Dennis Young - Cautious Approach
Braer Rabbit - Barrio Escalator
Flora Plurim - Jive talk

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #10 - April 2007

Download here.
Willie Colon - Augustia Maternal
DJ Sany Pitbull - Tribos
DJ Sandrinho - Pumpere up
Hollertronix - Bucky done gun (Scotty B and King Tut Unruly mix)
Simian Mobile Disco - It's the beat (Masseymix)
Luke Vibert - I love Acid
Sabres of Paradise - Bubble and Slide II
Talking Heads - Double Groove
Tom Tom Club - As above so below
The Raincoats - No one's little girl
My Bloody Valentine - Sugar
Steve Reid and Kieran Hebden - Morning Prayer
They came from the Stars I saw them - Livin' on an island

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #9 - March 2007

Download here.
Red Krayola - listen to this
Cabaret Voltaire - Talking Time
DAF - Kebab trauma
Alan Vega - Bad Scene
Crash course in science - Cardbord lamb
Rework - So cold
DJ Blaq Starr - Shake it to the ground
Puffinboy - Short//Cut
J Sandrinho - Berimbau
David Byrne - In the future
The Dirtbombs - My love for you
The Cosmopolitans - How to keep your husband happy
The Coco Sound - To you
Hide and Seek - Cars can kill you
The Red Krayola - Save the house
The Flying Lizards - Her story
Mark Stewart + Maffia - Blessed are those that struggle
Roni Size and DJ Die - Music Box
Now - The Incase

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #8 - February 2007

Download here.
Tricky vs. The Gravediggas - Tonite is a special nite
Arthur Russell - Springfield
The Lost Brazilians - Savanna Prance
Bobby O - Still hot 4 u
Tussle - Elephant
Bush Pilot - The big qualude thunder nothing
Hide and Seek - Trapped in a game
Juju - Mogera
Burial - Pirates
Chicks on Speed w/Kriedler - Sliding down your ribcage
Tony Allen - Awa Na Re (Bonde Do Role remix)
Bonde Do Role - Gasolina
Merlin - Bust da Move
Roxanne Shante - Live on Stage
Barr - Like, I used to like
Joe Bataan - Rap-o-clap-0

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #7 - January 2007

Download here.
No Neck Blues Band - Raising the low road
DeathSentance: Panda! - Public forest
Reanimator - Blown subidah
Laurie Anderson - Sharkey's night
Krazy Baldhead - Crazy moth2f2ck8z
Nightwalker - Magic beans
Shackleton - New dawn
Digital Mystikz - Conference
Photek - Ni ten ichi ryu
African Head Charge - Dinosaur's lament
The Slits - Earth dub
Liquid Liquid - Bellhead (live)
Braer Rabbit - Fat content: (trace) (deloused mix)
Psyche - Neurotic behaviour
Excepter - Ice cream van

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #6 - December 2006

Download here.
Gino Soccio - There's a women
Michoacan - She's sent (heaven) (Emperor Machine remix)
Prince Charles & the City Beat band - Jungle Stomp
Tetine - A historia da Garca
Material - Heritage
Talking Heads - I Zimbra (live)
African Head Charge - Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline & Dignity
Radioclit - Mature Macho Machine
Stereotyp feat. Edu k & Joyce Muniz - Jece Valadao
CSS vs Lethal Bizzle
Bongwater - Decadent Iranian country club
Yoko Ono - What did I do?
Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Funky stuff
Sexual Harrassment - If I gave you a party
The Waitresses - Christmas wrapping (Puffinboy de-edit)

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #5 - November 2006

Download here.
Medicine and Duty - Escape tunnel
Annie Anxiety - Closet love
Kit Builders - Everything is
Oneida - History Navigators
23 Skidoo - IY
Ravi Shankar - Tabla solo
PIL - Flowers of Romance
Kelis - Bossy (Cavemen dub)
Mekon feat. Roxanne Shante - Yes Yes Y'all (Sinden Baille funk remix)
Tittsworth - Bojangles
Dana & Siriusmo - Hab bessret vor
Goldfrapp - Slide in (DFA remix)
Joy - Sunplus (DFA remix)
This Heat - SPQR
Silver Apples - Starlight noodle

Make Motion Matter Mixtape #4 - October 2006

Download here.
Zombie Nation - Black Toys (ghost mix)
Lil' Louis - Blackout (phase 3)
Africns with Mainframes - Faso
White Light Circus - Rocket Ride
The Human League - The Dignity of Labour pt3
Stereolab - Soop Groove
ESG - Keep on Movin'
Tres Demented - Shez Satan
Arthur Russell - Corn #3
Rhys Chatham - Guitar Trio (take 2)

Make Motion Matter Mixtape 3 - September 2006

Download here.
The Red Crayola - Freeform Freakout
African Head Charge - Hole in the Roof
Divine - Alphabet Rap
Tres Demented - Demented or just Crazy
Grace Jones - Feel up (Larry Levan mix)
Mr. Catra - Vem Nha Nha
Zazou Bikaye - Dju ya Feza
Yello - Bimbo
Newtrament - London Bridge is falling down (Special vocoder version)
Shriekback - hand on my Heart (Adrian Sherwood remix)
Liaisons Dangereuses - Peut etre...pas
Excepter - Bridge Traffic
Yo La Tengo - Nuclear War (Version 1)
Drummers of the Societe Absolument Guinin - Juba

Make Motion Matter Mixtape 2 - August 2006

Download here.
Reanimator - Clicks and Drones may...
AC Marias - Just Talk
Now - Little bits inside of you
Plenafro vs. Fripp & Eno
Konk - Baby Dee (live)
Talking Heads - What a day that was
23 Skidoo - Last Words
10Lec6 - Bla Bla Bla
Adult. - Pressure Suit
Edu K - Injecao TNT
Arthur Russell - Ilikeyou!
The Free Association - Sugarman (Maurice Fulton mix)
Matthew Dear - And in the Night

Make Motion Matter Mixtape 1 - June 2006

Download here.
Moondog - Avenue of the Americas
Liquid Liquid - Flextone
Sonic Youth - The Burning Spear
The Pop Group - We are all Prostitutes
Cabaret Voltaire - Breath, Deep
Gramme - Love u
Devo - Satisfaction
23 Skidoo - Tearing up the plans
Dub Syndicate - Over board
Blackjack feat. No Lay, Hyper, NJ - Straight off the block
T la Rock - Breaking Bells
A Split Second - On Command
Foot Village - Brazil
Lethal B - Boy
Yello - The Evening's Young
Emperor Mchine - Lift up Chong and see
Rework - Psyche Doll
Danton Eeprom - Berlin 2 Bounce
Motor - Black Powder
Moondog - From One to Nine