The MAP 71 session for Repeater Radio, featuring some new and exclusive material, has now been archived and can be heard here:

Posted 15 July 2023


Cathode Carcass, the latest slice of post-punk synth action from MAP 71's Andy Pyne in his Ugly Animal guise, is available now!

Posted 23 May 2023


Out now! 'Blood Fruit', the brand new album from MAP 71 is out today, available as CD, download and very limited lathe cut vinyl.

Posted 28 April 2023


New MAP 71 album Blood Fruit coming soon!

Posted 11 February 2023


MAP 71's Lisa Jayne has a fantastic new website dedicated to her artwork, check it out!

Posted 15 March 2022


Out now! New three track EP 'washed out' from Ugly Animal. Seriously off-kilter drums, bleeps and bass.
Listen and download here:

Posted 6 August 2021


Out now! Brand new 4 track EP from MAP 71, 'Belladonna Sunsets'.
Available as a download, with the tracks 'Nude' and 'Aces' also released as a super limited lathe-cut 7", only 30 copies made.
Get it here:

Posted 23 April 2021


Out now! Brand new Ugly Animal release, the 'Full Fracture' EP.
Four new pieces of dubbed-out drums and synths, listen and download here:

Posted 6 November 2020


Finally, the brand new Map 71 album 'Turn Back Metropolis' is out! Another joint release with Fourth Dimension Records, this is unquestionably their most accomplished work so far.
Listen and order CD or download here:

Posted 4 September 2020


The new Map 71 album 'Turn Back Metropolis' will be released on CD and download 4th September!

Posted 12 August 2020


Another new tune from Andy Pyne up now on Soundcloud:
Duck Walk

Posted 9 June 2020

There's live sets from Map 71, Aeolipile, West Hill Blast Quartet and many more playing at Splitting the Atom events up on Bandcamp, and all proceeds will go to supporting The Green Door Store venue in Brighton.

Posted 3 June 2020


Brand new Ugly Animal track up on SoundCloud:
Ugly Animal - 67 fractures

Posted 18 May 2020


An incredible EP of Map 71 remixes by Nmesme is now available from Acre recordings. Listen and download here:

Posted 6 March 2020


Out now! Two brand new tracks from Ugly Animal, available as a name-your-price download here:
Tunnelling EP

Posted 30 September 2019


Out now! 'Ex-Socialite Needs A New Invention' is the new download EP from Map 71.
Listen and buy download here:
There is also an animated film to accompany the track 'Gyrate Formidable Receptors' which can be found here:

Posted 2 April 2019


Out today! The first new Ugly Animal material in three years, and it's some pretty twisted mutant dance floor action.
The 'unco-ordinating' EP is available as a name-your-price download here:

Posted 12 January 2019


The new Map 71 album 'Void Axis' is out now! A joint release with Fourth Dimension Records, this is their best work yet.
Listen and order CD or download here:
To read a detailed review of the album, go here:

Posted 7 September 2018

The new Map 71 album 'Void Axis' will be jointly released by Foolproof Projects and Fourth Dimension Records on 3rd September 2018.
It can be pre-ordered here:

Posted 3 August 2018


'Mutant Dreams' is an 84-page book of Map 71 lyrics written by Lisa Jayne, also featuring her distinctive illustrations.
Order it here!

Posted 6 May 2018


A sneak preview from the new Map 71 album 'Void Axis' is up on Youtube:
Primary Radioaction
This will be a joint release by Foolproof Projects and Fourth Dimension Records, out in September.
In the meantime a book of Map71 lyrics 'Mutant Dreams' will be released very shortly.

Posted 30 April 2018


Brand new Aeolipile album 'observational error' out now! The first recordings with the expanded line-up now featuring Ross Mason on second sax and their most powerful to date. Full-throttle free-jazz head-rush
Get the limited CD-R here
Listen and download here

Posted 9 April 2018


The CD re-issue of 'Gloriosa' by Map 71 is out now on Fourth Dimension Records! Featuring six extra tracks from earlier releases, you can buy it here:
A brand new Map 71 album will be released very soon.

Posted 6 March 2018

Map 71 now on Facebook:

Posted 18 February 2018

'Gloriosa' by Map 71 is getting a CD re-issue on Fourth Dimension Records, and you can pre-order here:
The CD contains 6 extra tracks from earlier releases and should be available in March.

Posted 22 January 2018

Map 71 have now been added to the line-up for the Blue Tapes night at The Lexington on Saturday 2nd September, tickets available here.

Posted 24 August 2017

The new Map 71 tape is now available from Norman Records.
Good reviews coming in as well, from The Quietus and Compulsiononline.

Posted 9 May 2017


Brand new Map 71 album 'Gloriosa' out now! Very limited tape release (60 copies) on Fourth Dimension Records, to order Paypal 8.00 GBP to richo_j (at) hotmail . com. Listen and download from Bandcamp here.

Posted 19 April 2017


Out now! Brand new Kellar album 'Sacred Cyclical Pilgrimage', available as download and limited CD. An extreme psyche meltdown.
Listen and order here.

Posted 7 October 2016

Map 71 are a very last minute addition to the Fort Process festival at Newhaven Fort Saturday 3rd September!

Posted 2 September 2016


Out now: 'Eight forms of defense' - Very limited tape (23 copies) of solo drum kit improvisations by Andy Pyne.
Order, listen or download here.

Posted 27 June 2016

Map 71 were interviewed on the CATV radio show last week. As well as playing favourite records and tracks from the new album, the show features two exclusive session recordings, 'Controversial Dance Moves' and a new version of 'Standing'.
Listen to the show here.

Posted 3 May 2016


Out now! The new Map 71 album 'Sado – Technical – Exercise', download and limited edition CD.
Watch a live in the studio version of the track 'Body House' here.

Posted 4 April 2016


The new Map 71 album 'Sado-Technical-Exercise' is available to pre-order now, out early April:

Posted 14 March 2016


The West Hill Blast Quartet set from the Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival last year is now available for free download here.

Posted 17 February 2016


Out now! The debut album from Ugly Animal, the new solo project from Andy Pyne, featuring some frantic drum and synth action.
Panic Button is available as a limited CD digipack or high-quality download.
Listen and buy download here.
Order CD here.

Posted 12 January 2016


Brand new Kellar release 'True Relation of Monstrous Serpent' out now!
Listen and download here.

Posted 7 December 2015


Out now! New West Hill Blast Quartet album 'Live at Cafe Oto', a recording of the whole set from 21st May 2015.
Order limited CD-R here.
Listen and download here.

Posted 7 September 2015


New Aeolipile album up for free download! Recorded at Broadoak Studios in Bexhill last year, you can get 'BROAD' here:

Posted 24 August 2015


A new tape compilation on the Blue Tapes label is out now, featuring remixes of Map 71, Father Murphy, Katie Gately and more, including Andy Pyne's reworking of a Tashi Dorji piece.
You can order and listen to 'Vol.1' here.

Posted 18 August 2015

Andy Pyne will be one of the additional cymbal players at the Boredoms concert at the Barbican on 27th June. This will be one of the largest groups they’ve worked with yet.
He will also be playing the next day as part of Man Forever with Kid Millions at The Albert, Brighton.

Posted 20 June 2015


Brand new Map 71 release 'Wrong Element' out now.
Download from Bandcamp here - name your price for the first month.
Also available as an art booklet with CD-R, limited to 30 copies.
Map 71 will be doing a live radio session for the HelloGoodbye Show on Resonance FM this Saturday, 13th June, and play FortyTwo, Worthing on Sunday 14th June.

Posted 10 June 2015


The last two Medicine and Duty releases not previously on Bandcamp are now available - free to download for a limited period.
The Imperial Black Fracture (7" from 2009)
Connections straight to your broken face (CD-R from 2011)

Posted 31 May 2015


More from the archive: The first two Black Neck Band of the Common Loon albums are now up on Bandcamp.
The self-titled debut here
Second album 'Grooganox' here

Posted 13 May 2015


More archival recordings up on Bandcamp, this time from Medicine and Duty circa 2008 - Don't use 'a'.

Posted 6 May 2015


The Puffinboy singles from 2002-2003 have now been collected and are available to download from Bandcamp:

Posted 6 May 2015


The second Raised by Wolves 'The Ritalin Division' album is also now up on Bandcamp:

Posted 6 May 2015


More from the Raised by Wolves archive now up on Bandcamp for name-your-own price, the very first release 'We am Monstroum', originally issued as a cdr in 2004.

Posted 15 April 2015


The Raised by Wolves cdr 'In hoarse cartography', released in 2005, is now up on Bandcamp for free download. Raised by Wolves was the duo of Andy Pyne and Matt Colegate (now of Teeth of the Sea) who later became Medicine and Duty with the addition of Jack Cooper.

Posted 1 April 2015


An album of duo recordings by Ron Caines and Andy Pyne from 2012 is now available for free download:

Posted 25 March 2015


Map 71 feature in an article in the latest issue (374) of The Wire magazine about the Brighton poetry/music scene. You can listen to readings from a number of people involved, including Lisa Jayne, here:

Posted 23 March 2015


Map 71 have a new cassette release out this month on the Blue Tapes label. Blue Sixteen is a split with Oakland band Stillsuit and contains 6 new tracks.
Listen and pre-order here.

Posted 9 February 2015


Out now! Brand new album from Kellar - The Even Keel. The fifth and best full-length release from the duo of Dan Cross and Andy Pyne, order the CD here, or listen and download here.

Posted 30 January 2015

The new Kellar CD 'The Even Keel' will be with us very shortly...

Posted 26 January 2015

Andy Pyne will be playing as part of Man Forever, the percussion project of Oneida drummer John Colpitts (Kid Millions), for a short UK tour.
The first show is at Cafe Oto, London on 3rd Dec (see live page for full listings).

Posted 27 November 2014


Out now! Two new releases from the jazzier extremes of the Foolproof catalogue.
Listen and download 'Blast #2' from West Hill Blast Quartet here, order cd-r here.
Listen and download 'Mapping the diaphragms of drowning cats' from Aeolipile here, order cd-r here.

Posted 7 November 2014


Good review of the Aeolipile single in the new issue of The Wire magazine from Byron Coley.
The debut cd-r from Aeolipile will be out very soon, along with a new cd-r from West Hill Blast Quartet.

Posted 20 October 2014


Out now! Three new 7" vinyl singles:

PRJ033 - Map 71 'Standing/Specimen'
PRJ034 - Kellar 'Sunrise City Flux/Exit via Ocean'
PRJ035 - Aeolipile 'Glut/Paused Pregnancy'

All are available through Foolproof, and can also be downloaded via Bandcamp, go to the releases page for more details.

Posted 15 August 2014

Tonight's Death Shanties/Aeolipile/Painiak show at The Cowley Club is now CANCELLED, sorry for the short notice.

Posted 11 August 2014


Coming very soon, 7" vinyl from Kellar, Map 71 and Aeolipile! Aeolipile will be supporting Death Shanties, new band featuring Alex Neilson of Trembling Bells etc, at the Cowley Club in Brighton in August.

Posted 17 July 2014


Aeolipile, the new trio of Jason Williams (Mothers of the Third Reich, Deepkiss 720 et al), Tom Roberts (Bolide) and Andy Pyne, have their debut recordings available for free download here:

Posted 7 May 2014


You can hear the Kellar live session on the Hellogoodbye show, along with sets from This is the kit and Grimm Grimm, here:

Posted 2 April 2014

Kellar will be playing live in the studio for the Hellogoodbye show on Resonance 104.4FM, Saturday 22nd March.

Posted 5 March 2014


Kellar will be supporting Trans, the new band featuring Bernard Butler (Suede) and Jackie McKeown (Yummy Fur/The 1990's), at The Green Door Store on 8th March.
Get tickets here:

Posted 28 January 2014


Brand New: The debut release from Map 71, the duo of poet/artist Lisa Jayne and drummer/producer Andy Pyne, merging spoken word, percussion and electronics like no one else out there. Listen and download here, order the CD here.

Posted 11 January 2014


Out now! Brand new album from Kellar, 'Four-Square Cipher'. 10 new tracks of post-everything psyche-out mania, listen and buy the download here, or order the limited CD-R directly from Foolproof.

Posted 1 November 2013

Good review for 'The Fleshing Beam' up on The Sunday Experience blog:

Posted 26 September 2013

Nice review for 'The Fleshing Beam' on the great Idwal Fisher blog:

Posted 9 September 2013


The trio of Andy Pyne (Kellar, Medicine and Duty etc), Tom Roberts (Bolide, Infinite Ga'ah) and Jason Williams (Mothers of the Third Reich, Deepkiss 720 etc) will be playing in The Church of Chaos tent at the Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire 9-11 August. More info and tickets here:

Posted 30 July 2013


There are some initial recordings of a drums/spoken word collaboration between Lisa Jayne and Andy Pyne up on Lisa's blog:
Expect some finished works and live shows before too long.

Posted 18 July 2013


Kellar have been confirmed as support for Japanese psyche legends Mainliner (featuring Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple) at the Green Door Store, Brighton on Saturday 28th September. Get tickets here.

Posted 8 July 2013


Fantastic new remix from Maniacal Reproduction of 'King Sea Horse' by Kellar, have a listen here:
Kellar - King Sea Horse (Maniacal Reproduction Remix)

Posted 18 June 2013

More Kellar live recordings up:
Kellar - live at The Albert 13 April 2013

Posted 7 May 2013

Common Loon will now NOT be playing at the Kave Gallery 3rd May as previously reported.

Posted 30 April 2013

Good review of the West Hill Blast Quartet CD from those nice folk at KFJC here.

Posted 27 April 2013


Some great recent live recordings are now available for free download. Both sets recorded at The Green Door Store, Brighton:
Kellar 20th April 2013
West Hill Blast Quartet 7th April 2013

Posted 26 April 2013

Some footage of the Kellar gig on 13th April is up here.

Posted 15 April 2013


Out now! New album from The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon, 'The Fleshing Beam' is their fourth outing. Eight new slices of gothic improv drama and angular noise play. Order CD-R here, or listen and get download here.

Posted 11 March 2013

Great Common Loon show last Wednesday with Shatner's Bassoon, you can listen to an excerpt here.

Posted 3 March 2013


Out now! The debut CD from West Hill Blast Quartet - 'Blast #1'. Some powerful free playing from Ron Caines, Dan Spicer, Gus Garside and Andy Pyne. Also available as a download here.

Posted 18 February 2013

Better late than never, we're now on Facebook, be sure to drop by and like!

Posted 17 February 2013

Review of Fulminant up on Echoes and Dust:

Posted 15 February 2013


New Kellar album 'Fulminant' out now! Download from Bandcamp, double CD-R available from Monday!

Posted 8 February 2013


There's a selection of remixes of Kellar from the likes of Bobby Whirlwind, Rysic Cygo and Negative Pegasus up for free download from the Bandcamp page.
Brand new Kellar double-CD 'Fulminant' should be with us next week!

Posted 2 February 2013

There's an interview with Kellar on the excellent Echoes and Dust site.

Posted 17 January 2013

Andy Pyne will playing in a duo with no less than Thurston Moore at a Colour Out Of Space Fundraiser on 26th Jan at the Green Door Store, details here.

Posted 6 January 2013

New Kellar double CD 'Fulminant' is due for release in February. These are the first recordings with the line-up reduced to the duo of Dan and Andy, but they are without doubt the most powerful so far. Get ready.

Also due very soon are new albums from The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon and West Hill Blast Quartet, some of the most exciting craziness we're heard for ages.

Foolproof: Hitting the ground running in 2013.

Posted 3 January 2013


Brand new! 'Cell Divides' is the crushingly-heavy new CD from Kellar, over an hour of chaotic industrial-drone-doom-noise-rock. Available from Foolproof, £7.00 inc. postage. Also now available as a high quality digital download here. Kellar will be supporting Talibam! at Sticky Mike's in Brighton 10th October.

Posted 19 September 2012


The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon will be playing at Supernormal 2012, first act on the Sunday, 12th August. If last year is anything to go by this is going to be amazing, other acts include Ramesses, Mary Hampton, Scotch Bonnet and many more, info etc here.

Posted 1 August 2012


Kellar will supporting Man Forever at The Green Door Store, Brighton on 31st July, and will then actually play as part of the main act. Man Forever is the side project of Oneida drummer Kid Millions, and this show will boast a 10 drummer line-up! Not to be missed!

Posted 30 June 2012


Finally we have the new Medicine and Duty CD, 'Scorps', and it's a monster. Order the CD here or listen and order digital download here.

Posted 15 May 2012

There's a new live studio improvisation from The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon available for download here.

Posted 20 March 2012

Medicine and Duty featured on the Wiretapper CD, free with issue 338 of The Wire magazine. The track is taken from the 'Sunken Carnival' LP, get the vinyl here or digital download here.

Posted 15 March 2012

More Kellar action: New download-only 'Smokescreen' EP available now, three long atmospheric cuts, get it here.

Posted 14 March 2012

The audio for the full set of Medicine and Duty's show at The Green Door Store on 4th February is now available for free download on the Souncloud page here.

Posted 10 February 2012


Out Now: 'Beloved Dean of Magic' - debut CD from Kellar, a scorched-mind psyche-apocalypse of an album, exteme heavy guitar and bass noises from Dan Cross and Dave McNamee with Andy Pyne on Drums. Available from Foolproof, £6.00 inc. postage. Also now available as a high quality digital download here. Next show 14th January at Sticky Mike's, Brighton.

Posted 15 December 2011

Debut live show from The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon, 13th December at The Green Door Store, Brighton.

Posted 1 December 2011


Out Now: 'Cinder & Spatter' - 3rd CD-R from The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon, a total horror-show of rattling percussion, violas and church organs in a hexagonal sleeve! Available from Foolproof, £6.00 inc. postage. Also now available as a high quality digital download here.

Posted 20 August 2011


Out Now: 'Connections straight to your broken face' - New CD from Medicine and Duty, a 28 minute collage of studio improvisations, coupled with a complete live show from 2010. CD-R limited to 75 copies, available from Foolproof, £5.00 inc. postage. Have a listen here.

Posted 1 June 2011

Medicine and Duty are now confirmed for the Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, 19th-21st August, along with Skullflower, Teeth of the Sea and many more.

Posted 1 May 2011


Out Now: Totally warped solo percussion outing from Andy Pyne, 'Naming Nothing'. CD-R limited to 75 copies, available from Foolproof, £5.00 inc. postage. Have a listen to the track 'Singing to itself' here.

Posted 10 April 2011

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