Map 71

map 71 pic by Greg Neate

The Map 71 sound of voice, drums and electronics doesn't fall easily within a genre. The claustrophobia of urban landscapes before a mood swing into the minimal and spatial. Hypnotic drum rhythms build an environment for stories told by a restless observer. Ritual pulses, angular grooves and metallic clatter woven with a dialogue of Pagan surrealism, existential social comment and abstract sparse verse. Their live performances are intense with raw energy, whilst recorded the music has the precise discipline of two people in control of their creation. They make haunting and darkly engaging music which is still danceable.

Lisa Jayne (words/voice) and Andy Pyne (drums/synths) became Map 71 in 2013 and are based in Brighton. They gig frequently with notable past performances at The Supernormal Festival, Fort Process, Thee Sunday Sonics, Festival 23, and Cafe Oto.

Lisa Jayne is a writer and a visual and performance artist whose working class Essex background and experience in the fetish scene and other transgressive subcultures inform her work. Lisa's lyrics and sleeve art for Map 71 have recently been published in the book Mutant Dreams. Besides Map 71 Lisa is also the vocalist with Kayfabe and Eye-eN T T. Order Mutant Dreams here.

Andy Pyne has during the last couple of decades made improvised no-wave psyche chaos with Medicine & Duty and Kellar, free-jazz with Aeolipile and West Hill Blast Quartet, freak-folk with The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon and post-punk-pop with Shrag, as well as making solo recordings under the Ugly Animal and Puffinboy aliases and performing live with Man Forever, Thurston Moore and Damo Suzuki.



  • Nuclear Landscapes (from 'Void Axis')
  • One-dimensional bang (from 'Gloriosa')
  • Red Mass (from 'Gloriosa')
  • Evovaniss (from 'Sado-Technical Exercise')
  • Hooked on dead distance (from the tape 'Blue Sixteen')