Kellar is an experimental noise machine, based in Brighton, UK. Formed in 2011, they were originally a three-piece made up of Andy Pyne, David McNamee and Dan Cross, and released two CDs, 'Beloved Dean of Magic' and 'Cell Divides'. Following McNamee's departure they are now a duo, and 'Fulminant', the first album with the new line up, was released in February 2013.


  • Lunar Moth (from the album 'Fulminant')
  • Buzzards Basking (from the album 'Fulminant')
  • No Survivors (from the album 'Cell Divides')
  • Floats Like Spore (from the album 'Cell Divides')
  • The Vanishing Lamp (from the album 'Beloved Dean of Magic')
  • Beloved Dean of Magic (from the album 'Beloved Dean of Magic')


Live at The Green Door Store 20 April 2013 (Full set)

Live at The Albert 13 April 2013 (excerpt)