The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon

common loon

Dark, horror soundtrack improvisation from a revolving line-up centred around the duo of Blue Pin and Andy Pyne. Frequent collaborators include Jennie Howell.


  • The Rebuke (from the album 'The Fleshing Beam')
  • Open Mouth Mounting (from the album 'The Fleshing Beam')
  • Lava tides (from the album 'Cinder and Spatter')
  • Corpus Crispi (from the album 'Cinder and Spatter')


Family Hen Science (from the album 'Grooganox', PRJ020)
Cherynoble or Ghost (from the self-titled 1st album, PRJ017)
Improvisation at Warner Studios 19th September 2009
Improvisation at Warner Studios 26th September 2009