Medicine and Duty

medicine and duty

Made up of Matt Colegate, Jack Cooper and Andy Pyne switching between drums, electronics and voices, Medicine and Duty have been taking industrial, no wave, krautrock and techno influences and throwing out completely improvised bursts of psychedelic free motion since 2006, with eight releases on the Foolproof Projects label.


  • Cutting a Safe Crossing (from the album 'Scorps')
  • Ring the Arm (from the album 'Scorps')
  • Deep Sea Heat Haze (from the album 'Sunken Carnival')
  • My Castle On My Mountain (from the album 'Sunken Carnival')
  • Levelling Out (from the album 'Brighter Past Impressions')


Live at The Green Door Store 4th February 2012 (full set)
Jury Rigged (Jack Cooper remix)
Radio Reverb Session October 2007

Raised by Wolves

In Hoarse Cartography part 1 (from In Hoarse Cartography, PRJ009)
We am Monstroum part 5 (from now-unavailable CD-R We am Monstroum)
The Ritalin Division part 1 (from now-unavailable CD-R The Ritalin Division)